Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gentle Birth.. enough of drugs!

My first birth wasn’t something I would like to repeat. Being the first experience I followed everything from whatever sources I've read. LZ was 4-days overdue and I was admitted during that 4 days of waiting. Why? Because I voluntarily surrendered myself to the O&G on the due date and refused to go back although I was only 1cm dilated hehehehe.

Padahnya, every morning and afternoon kena 'seluk' and further dilation only occurs on the 3rd day, induced. Maasya Allah sakitnya memang tak boleh describe.. When LZ is safely delivered, approx 3-4 hours after that a gush of blood pool came out and I practically wet the bed.. with blood. I had a retained placenta.. again kena seluk hidup2 (imagine, diseluk just hours after being sewn) and I was rushed to the OT. Doc put me on GA and they clean up my womb.. was given another stitches.. again.. :-((

2nd Birth (my very own Gentle Birth) - I was smarter, I only went to the hospital when the contractions are 10-5 mins apart.. Contractions started the night before after a bloody shows in that afternoon. I distracted myself by preparing the baby stuffs, some house chores and I even made breakfast hehehe. Reached the hospital at 8.40am, already 7cm dilated and baby Umar Zharif arrived just 10mins after that.. It was beautifully painful but yet a really quick process! 

3rd Birth - Full of drugs.. you name it! Induced twice for a selected birth date (stupid huh?), pain killers, Epidural and assisted by vacuum as I was too 'high' to push baby AJ tho I was 10cm dilated! Mengada kan?

Lessons learned! Therefore, for this 4th pregnancy, I'll definitely gonna repeat my 2nd Birth method.. we're going back to Gentle Birth, people!

Reading, reading and reading... preparing myself for a calm and hoping for another quick labour! Insyaa Allah...

Our very own local Muslim Hypnobirthing instructor, Nadine Ghows has really inspired me to do this again and I'll definitely gonna sign into her classes and support group. Pretty interested into the Amani classes.

You can read more about Nadine here:

Tried to talk hubs into a home birth, he's a bit sceptical and scared.. but being a finance guy, I think he's having a second thought went I describe how much we can save on the hospital charges $$$ ... ngehngehngeh...

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