Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm back.. after 2 years! Hello 2013!


Wow! It's been two years since my last scribbles here.. Y so quiet? (like anyone ever care LOL)..
1) i kinda forgotten that I have a blog.. balancing work - life - blogging is aint easy for me, apparently
2) i finally found my password to blogger account.. after months of digging in & out

So, what's new?
1) I'm getting another baby.. in my 26th weeks now :-)) Yupp! I did it again.. have i told you that being pregnant is just so lovely? Our 4th.. and Insya Allah our 2nd boy.. Hikmah, when Allah took one of your beloved, He shall grant another rizq (or even better, be it in any forms) if you keep on praying and keep your patience on track. Insyaa Allah..

2) LZ has gone into Primary 1 in both SK and KAFA this year

3) AJ (the one in my tummy 2 years back) is a sweet cheeky little 20-months old girl now..

4) Hubs is temporarily 'disabled'.. he went through 2 operations in Dec '12 & Jan '13.. and yes, i'm sailing the 'ship' all alone.. Alhamdulillah for the kudrat given by the Almighty, only He knows how hard and tough it was.. but we survived, with only minor helps! Yeayy! So there goes me the wife, the mom, the company staff, the supir, the maid-less working mom (but thanks to weekend maid & laundry shops).. I'm glad I could do all those for hubs and children.. and I've never regret every sec of the time :-))

Other than those personal stuffs.. i have nothing else to describe.. LOL. well, simply because my life since the past few months is only within business/ work community & family.. only.

Owh ya.. i've reduced 50% of my time on social network by deleting a few accounts.. it's calming and a bless, i tell ya!

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