Friday, April 1, 2011

Confinement Lady/ Penjaga Pantang

Just another 12 weeks to go! Masya Allah..sekejapnya masa berlalu...

My 3rd Post Natal Wishlist Plan:
To confine in our home sweet home!(This wishlist had always been on top of everything since my 1st pregnancy, unfortunately it has(always?) been hijacked, as if like we have no say on any decisions..victim? mom & baby..hmmm (ignore this statement! mood swing!hahaha)

So, the plan is (assuming normal vaginal delivery):
Deliver baby at the hospital
- discharged & back to home sweet home 
- confinement lady (CL) reports duty on the 2nd/3rd day 
- hubby's off to work after 3 days PL 
- CL services until 14 days 
- 15th days onwards, InsyaAllah i'll be strong enough to take care of both baby & myself until the end of pantang
- confinement closure service by the CL 
- berAidilfitri with our new baby!

I've browsed through a few traditional Malay Confinement Services from the web and received a few contacts from friends too. In our list, so far:

1) Narita Ahmad of

Urut Lepas Bersalin x 3days (RM60/day) 
Penjaga Pantang x 14days (RM100/day, 8am - 6pm)
Morning Duty:
  • Prepare Herbal Bath
  • Prepare Breakfast
  • Bertungku
  • Bertuam
  • Sapuan Pilis, Param, Tapel
  • Berbengkung
  • Mandi Baby
  • Tuam Baby
  • Masak Lunch
  • Basuh pakaian Mom & Baby
Afternoon (after 2-hrs break):
  • Prepare Herbal Steam
  • Lipat pakaian mom & baby
  • Prepare mom's herbal bath
  • Mandikan/Lap baby
  • Tuam Baby
  • Prepare Snack/Tea
  • Cook Dinner
  • Prepare mom & baby's needs for the night
  • House Cleaning
+ Rawatan Penutup Pantang (RM250)
  • Urutan Penutup Pantang
  • Sengkak
  • Bertungku
  • Herbal Steam
  • Bertangas
  • Lulur Herba
  • Sapuan Susu/ Mandi Susu
2) Stay-In Post Natal Care by Shadira Beauty

14 DAYS PACKAGE RM 1,900.00

6x Traditional Body Massage (Urut Tradisional) , Daily Herbal Bath Preparation (Mandian Herba), Warm Stone Therapy (Bertungku), Tummy Binding (Ikat Bengkung), 7x Red Infrared Therapy Light (Sinar Infrared Merah), Herbal Food and Drink Preparation and 2x Body Scrub (Lulur Badan).
Daily Baby Bath & Massage, General Work – Baby Day Care, Diaper Changing, Boiling Feeding Bottles/Equipment, Washing Mother and Baby Cloths.
FREE : 3x Dry Tangas (Tangas Kering)

3) Mak Jah from Kedah (RM60/day)
Stay-In Post Natal Care. Complete treatment but she will only cook/kemas rumah when necessary. 

We have yet to make any bookings so far, still looking for 'value for money' options. Seriously need help on CL contacts.. tolong recommend & share pengalaman ye kawan2 :-)) . 
We prefer Muslim CL, it's good enough if at least she can start every task with 'Bismillah..' :-))
And for those looking for traditional Malay confinement tips & confinement food recipes, this is a great book to refer to, Warisan Opah Umi. 

7 comments on "Confinement Lady/ Penjaga Pantang"

Anonymous said... juga penjaga ibu berpantang. Bidan die bagus and commited buat keja. Memang sgt2 recommend kat sape2 yang perlukan bantuan jaga baby sepenuhnya.

fayla on October 17, 2011 at 9:52 AM said...

i googled "malay confinement lady" and found your blog...i guess ur confinement period already which package did u choose?
we plan to have our 2nd child soon :))


Anonymous said...

as salam..mohon jasa baik tuan rumah utk nk dptkn num tel mak jah dri kdh tuh bleh x?btol2 mngharap neh for my 2nd baby diz march..pls..dh cuba cari byk tmpt tp ssh nk jmpe yg area utara neh..thnx tuan rumah..

Anonymous said...

hi mommy J!bleh x i nk dptkn cntc num mak jah from kdh tuh?pls..really need ur help..i'm from png nway..wife due mac cntc num-0134174640..mohd..thnx for ur kindness..

Rin on February 16, 2012 at 10:23 AM said...

have u made any decision yet?
Pening kan? I'm also looking for CL.

Anonymous said...

Salam... Nak tanya mak
Jah dr kedah tu ada contact number tak?? Sy pun tgh cari org nak
Jaga masa berpantang.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy J,

I rasa ada buat booking dgn mak Jah ni, tapi since tel i had to be reformatted it wiped out the memory wt her hp#... By any cahnce can you help to supply me wt her number, if you hv pls... Super Important. Tqvm!

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