Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unlocked Car Door = 2y.o Girl Died!

Sharing this from an Fb status:
"Our neighbour lost their 2 year old elder daughter when she opened the car door while her dad was driving at a roundabout. He mother was holding the 2 month old baby on her lap. God bless them and help them through this difficult time"

What is wrong with you people? 

I know, Malang memang tak berbau! Ajal, Takdir! 
But, the rule of thumb of driving with kids in the car are always overlooked by most of us. So, pleaseee
 get these things done before you drive (and make sure your kids drivers/transporters obey the rules).

Central Lock or Manual Lock all your doors
Activate the Child Lock system on each passenger door 
Fasten the kids (and your) Seat Belts
Get a Kiddie Car Seat or Booster, i'm sure they are wayyy cheaper 
than polishing your expensive cars!

Another Child Safety issue: Are most school bus/van/car drivers reckless? Well, that's what I witness everyday. Latest, a lady driver of a school transport, just fetched some kids from SRJK(C) Lick Hung, Subang Jaya and drove with one hand on the steering, another hand on her handphone while talking. She was trying to jump queue on some cars at a junction, and she did it well! I should have taken the plate no, but I was too shocked and angrily 'admiring' her driving skills!

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