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Mommy J and Daddy J, M.D.

3 Essential Health Checks all of us must know!!
Sure, your pediatrician is checking your child for the serious stuff. But protecting her health doesn't end there, so roll up your sleeves, slap on the white coat, and check your child's ...

HEAD: How often? = Once a month
Ewww.. (photo: Google)
Head Lice is more common than we think. Check it monthly or anytime there's an outbreak at preschool or daycare. Look for the most common symptom: itching around the ears, neck, or top of the head. Treatment: combing out the nits, washing hair with with a pesticide-based syampoo and laundering all the clothes and bedding. Pesticide-Free Option: Ulesfia, a gel that suffocates the lice, approved for use on kids 6 months and older. You can get in most pharmacies.

TEETH: How Often? = Once a week
Ms.LZ's set of teeth
Make sure your child sees a dentist twice a year, starting before their first birthday, if possible. But that's not enough, make twice-daily teeth brushing a nonnegotiable part of their daily routine. Check weekly for swollen gums and discoloration - those tiny teeth should be pearly white.

FEET: How often? =  Every three weeks
On her feet for Astro Arena with cousin ChaCha.. those Barbie sneakers are now in the box, for her lil sister
Does the shoe fit? There's a good chance that it doesn't. In addition to squishing little toes, small shoes can cause ingrown toenails, caluses, and blisters and if they're worn long enough, they can stunt toe growth and lead to deformities like bunions. Because toddlers feet can grow one size in just two to three months, check shoes every few weeks. Stand your toddler up and make sure there's about a thumb width's distance between the top of the shoe and the longest toe. No wiggle room means it's for new kicks!

All of you might have more tips or experience to share on this topic. Feel free to leave your comment and show us the M.D side in you!

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