Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swimming Lessons #4 by SuperSharkz

Our weekly routine = Ms.LZ's swimming class at Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam. She's enrolled under SuperSharkz Team with her other schoolmates.

Alhamdulillah, she's progressing well in all the classes (in fact has been one of the instructors favourite.Cewahh!).
So, this week, her 4th Class = 3m Indoor Pool.
Deeeeeppp freezinggg pool! And it was pouring heavily outside, just imagine how cold the water was!

Ms.LZ complained quite a bit, "I'm too tired.." (with a 'i need sympathy' cry) - after 2 laps of paddling.
And an incident (to add on her 2 other incidents before enrolling into swimming class).. She thought she could swim as far as the other boy did (Imran, he's a senior in SuperSharkz - SWCH's owner's son), but she only managed to swim half way and panicked in the middle of the route.. tenggelam timbul, gasping for air, panicking hehehe! Muntah sikit, cried & back in the water.. Kids! Memang tak pernah serik kan??? :-))

A few weeks back.. floating

This week. Fearless in deep water! Kudos!
with Imran, Jelita & Azli's son

** Video: Unaided swim. Plus 'the incident' (at the end of this clip)

You can get more info on SuperSharkz Swim Team here : http://www.supersharkz.com.

"Supersharkz Swim School was founded out of the love and passion for swimming by two siblings – one Olympian, both national swimmers, and both current Selangor state coaches, Mark and Marilyn Chua. We wish to provide everyone – regardless of age, race, status and physical ability – the opportunity to learn to swim and to enjoy and love the water as much as we do.
Since its birth in 2006, Supersharkz Swim School has taught thousands of children and adults to swim. We have grown to employ 15 in-house passionate and dedicated instructors who are well-qualified, experienced and rigorously trained to master our unique teaching methods and the Supersharkz System of Learning to Swim.
Together as we grow with our students, we continue to improve our teaching system while keeping our fees affordable to all."

Fees are affordable! Registered under SWCH, Ms.LZ's getting only RM70/month (1hr/session/week) with instructor:student ratio of 1:2 (or 3). Actually the rate for Kindergarten/Primary group is RM50/month but the school requested for lower instructor-student ratio for an additional RM20.
The young instructors are all child friendly (yet strict if they have to).
The Team of Instructors

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