Thursday, April 7, 2011

Myth on Carrying a Girl

1) You will not get (or will get lesser) Morning Sickness = Na ah! I practically lived only in my bedroom for almost 3 months!
(Photo by Mr.Google d generous)
2) You will not have 'allergies' to certain smells = I hate my living room smell, the air freshener, perfumes, shower  cream..
(Photo: Google, who else?)
3) The baby girl in your womb will suck your beauty, wajah takkan berseri gitu! = Nope.. I think I'm Okayy..I still look good, felt even sexier! (hahaha..sila muntah!)
4) You tend to be lazy to do anything = Agree! 

5) You will lose your libido = Not at all! so far so good.. ooopss!
by Google

Can't remember other myths that I've been told to about carrying a girl or boy during this pregnancy..

Well pregnancy experiences and complaints are different from woman to woman. Anyhow, I appreciate your concerns :-))

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