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Danger Alert! Swimming Pool & Chlorin

Yaikss! This article really freaks me out! So, should I just enjoy our swimming pool's view just from 19th floor then? .... how bad is my family's health as we've been swimming 'jakunly' since we've moved to CT?.... P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D!!!!

Article by D.P Noe via

If you have children that are swimming in chlorinated pools, this can increase the risk of having asthma attack. Chlorine is also a substance that irritates the skin and even causes burns with direct exposure. Chlorine burns your eyes and your throat. Children have very sensitive skin and it is a wise decision for any parent to make sure their children are not swimming or playing in any pools with chlorine.

There is a another interesting point for you to consider. Water evaporates, as water evaporates in the swimming pool the chlorine evaporates right along with it. This releases chlorine into its gaseous state into the environment. So another danger is the parent sitting at the side of the pool being exposed to the gaseous vapors of chlorine. The non swimming group at the side of the pool can have high level of trichloramines in their blood. Trichloramines are released when the chlorine water in the swimming pool reacts to organic materials such as sweat or urine. Trichloramine is suspected to cause the destruction of cells that surrounds your lungs and increases your cancer risk. This is a cause for concern because just because you are a non smoker and believe you are living a healthy life style, you have just increased your risk for lung cancer and you where not even aware of it.

Exposure to chlorine in tn a swimming as a long list of other risk factors:

* Exposure can cause atherosclerosis,
increase your risk of having a heart attack or stroke

* Buying all those expensive moisturizes to keep your skin young will not stop the skin to age more quickly form exposure to chlorine in a swimming pool.

* It increases the risk of developing skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis

* Chlorine exposure will cause the build up of dioxins that stay permanently in the human body and are known to be cancer causing .Dioxins accumulate in the fatty tissue of the human body.

* There is a link about chlorine causing infertility and birth defects.

Would you purposely walk into a room that was full of dynamite and about to explode? This is what you are doing if you expose yourself to chlorine in swimming pools. Would your purposely take a pill that causes you to age quickly? Everyone is trying to stay young, but it is known that chlorine exposure advances the aging process.

The best advice is to avoid chlorinated swimming pool .If you have a swimming pool, make sure you use natural products that do not contain chlorine.. Also go beyond just the swimming pool and use water filters in sinks and showers and bath tubs. Water filters will protect you against the harmful effects of being exposed to chlorine. Installing a water purification system in your home will help to eliminate dangerous chemicals such as chlorine before you cook, drink or clean with water. The bottom line stay away from and eliminate chlorine in your environment..

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