Thursday, July 15, 2010

L's Monthly Fever = Tonsillitis

We've been consulted by 3 doctors (2 paed, 1 gp).. all of them diagnosed L's frequent high fever was caused by Tonsillities. And yes, has to face a minor surgery to remove it. The procedure is called, Tonsillectomy.

"Enlarged Tonsils without any symptoms are common among kids. Doctors might recommend surgical removal of the tonsils, called Tonsillectomy if he/she has the following:
1) persistent or recurrent tonsillitis or strep infections
2) swollen tonsils that make it hard to breath during sleep
3) sleep difficulty that might affect the child's daily activity
4) snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
5) frequent high fever with or without any of the above's symptoms
Procedure: Child will be on GA, procedure takes 20-30mins. The surgeon can get to the tonsils thru your child's open mouth, no cutting needed!
It is advisable for the child to go thru this surgery to prevent the fatal high fever (frequent). "
So, there you go! looks like another family member will enter the OT door again! Do pray for her health peeps..thanks ;-)

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Zubye on July 15, 2010 at 5:46 PM said...


welcome back! rajin2 lah tulis sini ye.. esp pasal lana... at least tak selalu jumpa leh gak baca pasal dia kat sini.
ps: aku punya blog personal as in the link k.. not me act.. more dedicated for irfan :-)

ok u and lana take care!

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