Monday, July 19, 2010

Lana on Astro Arena 801..

(mommy sgt excited!siapa tak suka anak masuk TV kan??Live tele-cast lagi!)

It was on last Saturday, 17July2010. She was there to usher some national squash players to d court for their final matches. The tourny is called TC Malaysian Nationals 2010 premiering Datuk Nicole Anne David, Ong Beng Hee, Azlan Iskandar to name a few..(errr in fact i only know those three, not really familiar with Squash tingy haisyyy..).
Thanks to a mommy fren, Kisha for the invite (via L's school, SWCH). Besides her, there were also her frens: Shael(Kisha's son), Festes, Elizabeth & Lana's cousin ChaCha as her partner.
L & Cha2 walked twice for the show: Veteran & 2nd Division finals.
I havent managed to catch up the show in Astro just yet..they said it'll be repeated for 2-3weeks..
Looks like Astro Arena 801 wil b my new fav! ;-D

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