Monday, July 26, 2010

Richard Gere, Miracle Water & Botox...

As my 33rd birthday creeps ever closer (I’m a January baby!), I am becoming more and more paranoid about looking old. I have THIRTY gray hairs that keep coming back in a patch on my head, regardless of how many times I pluck and merayu never to return. As ridiculously curly, frizzy and puffy as my hair tends to get, I’ll have no choice but to color out the grays to avoid looking like Richard Gere no matter how ‘yummy’ he is!. In my case, I use Henna.

I have also recently resorted to applying facial essence during both the day and night to my aging face. (I have visible laugh line. Do u have?) Although I am not yet completely overwhelmed with worry about wrinkles, if I dwell on it long enough, I begin to feel a bit anxious.
So based on a magazine review, a testimonial from my dear friend, and the company’s own commercial, I purchased the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence- A Miracle Water.

Sounds serious, right? Well my pocket won’t allow me to purchase the whole kit, so I use a cheap brand of facial wash (it’s washable, so what’s the point of splurging if your skin suits the cheaper one?) as well as the toner, moisturizer & a year old Clarins Eye Cream.

So does it work? All I can say is that it has not caused me any breakouts. So far so good, the pigmentation are still a bit visible but some say my skin looks fairer & glowing (hahaha!don’t puke!). In retrospect, I should have snapped a ‘before & after’ photo of my face when I was starting this regime so I had a point of reference in a few more weeks. (konon!haha!)

As it stands now, I’ll happily take suggestions for other facial products, Botox testimonials, as well as plastic surgeon referrals. Vitamin C or Collagen injection..whatever! ………Or NOT? NO lahhh! Just kidding.. Astaghfirullah..

Anyhow, I’m glad & bersyukur to be given a chance to live the life that I have now..and most of all, I’m healthy. Alhamdulillah… Healthy MJ makes a healthy & happy family! (Wahhh…boleh buat slogan!)

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