Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What do you do to occupy your kids in a traffic jam?

We live 10mins (minus the traffic jam) away from L's school. Unfortunately, our routes include some regular traffic jam spots; Trpc-NKVE-SJ & SJ-KJ-LDP-Trpc. Therefore, traffic jams are no alien to us!
To prepare in case if we're stucked in jam, this is what we normally have & do in the car:
The Survival Kit:
- Oreo (a quick bfast too!)
- Drinking Water
- Bahulu (kuih fav L ni!)
- Some books/activity kit
- Cushion
- Make Up bag (Mine!)
******* can you imagine how messy my car could be? Well, you might find baby roaches if you're lucky!
Favourite Activities: (besides regular daily school updates)
- Role Play... most popular: 1) cikgu garang & murid ketakutan, 2) doctor & nurse
- Berebut radio channel
- Berebut Songs Playlist
- Zzzzzzz
Soo? how about you?

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