Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging again :-))

My last post was in Aug, 2010. So many things happened and so many things had changed!

Hmm.. to list a few:

  1. There's a 25w6d old tiny baby in my tummy now! Yupp! i did it again! carrying our 3rd child ... *happy*
  2. I'm officially a SAHM .. i would love to label myself as a Home Manager.. how cool is that? ... *happy*
  3. I'm officially a student, again. On my way for an MBA ... *happy*
  4. lil Ms LZ is now a great, bubbly 5y.o girl (she's great, accrdg to my eyes&heart!). Will be graduating frm SWCH ths year end! ... *happy*
  5. Mr J is on his way for an MBA too ... *happy*

So, hallo again friends.. hope it's not too late for a New Year wish from all of us here!
~ we're still in the first quarter, so it's still 'new year', at least to me :-))

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