Friday, March 25, 2011

Did my Stretch Mark Creams work?

I've used 4 different Stretch Mark creams since my first pregnancy. And I still have the empty tubes/bottles in my dresser's drawer, just in case.(in case of? haha don't ask, i just love to collect unnecessary stuffs, 'just in case'!).

Would like to share my personal reviews on the each of the product. Not that my skin is flawless, but I've tried & tested each of the creams for at least 2 weeks from the purchased/received date, before they sit comfortably on the rack, waiting to be dust off or at least to be worn once/twice a month (twice/month is an excellent track record!).

1) Avent - Indulgent Body Cream, 200ml (~RM35 in 2005, i'm not sure how much they are selling now)

Contains sea minerals, pleasant & refreshing to rub in. It's quite runny so it absorbs quickly on to my skin. However, it didn't feel very effective because of its light consistency. I did use it it all over but despite the big tube, the cream didn't seem to go far hehehe...
Rating: * * 

2) Clarins - Stretch Mark Control , 200ml (i got the first tube free from Malaysian Women's Weekly complimentary Post Natal package & treatment)

I like the silky texture of this, it's a lovely moisturizer. I think it may have altered the appearance of my teenage stretch marks, as the texture of skin has started to change after I finished the whole tube (cewahhh! hahaha perasan kot!).
Well, maybe the post natal treatments that i got from Clarins treatment centre contributes to the overall invisibility of the stretch marks too.. i don't know.
The cream absorbs well. However the price doesn't seem to allow me to use this frequently :-(( too bad..

Product details here:
Rating: * * *

3) Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter, 125g (a gift from my ex-colleague)

The smell, a bit distinctive. I like it, but it may not be everyone's taste. It has a firm consistency, because it's more of a butter than a cream. It has good coverage, but doesn't sink in straight away. However, I think the cocoa butter moisturized my skin very effectively, plus you can get it easily from most pharmacies.

Product Details here
Rating: * * * *

4) Bio Oil, 60ml (RM33 - 36, if i'm not mistaken, tak ingat!)

I use this all over my body, so does my daughter. It has a nice consistency, went on easily and moisture seem to last a long time. Pleasant smell, not a typical 'natural' smell. On the downside, it does seem a little too oily (duhhh it's an oil!), but apart from that, it's great! It also managed to scare off Ms.LZ's stubborn scars.
p/s: have u watched Bio Oil's advertisement on TV? the one with a lady wearing hijab in a car. it's kinda scary to me, serious semacam. hehehe!

Check out the product's details here
Rating: * * * * *

So.. good luck finding the suitable cream of yours. Do share wit me your favorites too! I would love to try it out!

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