Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ms.LZ and extra classes ..

Call me Crazy, Call me Kiasu! ahah! never will bother..

Important RULE in enrolling your kids into any enrichment class..
1) go to a Trial class or a few trial classes
2) ONLY proceed to enroll if your child is interested to pursue, and
3) ONLY proceed if the instructor thinks (based on his observation) that your child is capable to cope the lessons

Please dear parents, don't push your kids..
Trust me, I've seen some dramas of parents forcing kids altho the kids are yelling&crying like nobody's business in class, it interrupts the class and it will only make the instructor/teacher feel guilty.
And I've also met parents who insist to enroll their kids despite the negative result from the instructor/teacher.

Please..think about your child. This is not about you :-))

Alhamdulillah, dengan izin Allah, Ms.LZ is doing well & happy in her classes. Classes are conducted in school, after the formal Montessori session (except for Iqra' & Swimming Class). So, we saved a lot of time on the road plus her weekends are free too.

Fardhu Ain (11.30 - 12.30pm every Tues & Fri at SWCH)
This is her second year in this class. So far, I've only receive one complaint from her, "I don't think i like Fardhu Ain, it's boooringgg" .. oops! Okayy..
1st = Fardhu Ain is compulsory to Muslim senior students at SWCH,
2nd = the class period is at noon. .. hmm not really in a fresh mood :-))
Come to think of it & based on my personal experiences, I've slept in hundreds of Agama classes throughout my school days.. and sometimes I did feel the same way Ms LZ did.. hahaha!
To make it short, the best I can do is explain to her the importance of Fardhu Ain, Dosa & Pahala.. Alhamdulillah, she understoods.

Iqra' @ MutiaraKafa (5.30 - 6.30pm/twice a week)
Her first year in formal Al-Quran class. far so good.. she's progressing well.. she'll repeat her Iqra' pages after Isya' everyday, no more tears! it's easier for me to guide her now too, we both can understand each other, both are talking the same language, finally :-))

Speech & Drama by BluBricks (11.30 - 12.30pm every Thurs at SWCH)
Her second year in Speech & Drama at school. This is Ms.LZ's favourite class! Last year the class was conducted by Helen O Grady,  lovely Ms.Andrina. Ms.LZ played as Mrs.Giles in their formal recital, "The Chicken Hearted Fox", one of the leading roles I would say.. proud of her to bits!
This year, the class is conducted by BluBricks with Ms.Elza & Ms.Jaja as their instructor. (Ms.Elza is our local dramatist daughter, Azean Irdawati) ..

Ballet by Plaza Dance Academy (Mondays 11.30 - 12.30pm at SWCH)
Her 2nd year, last year she was in Baby Ballet, a beginner's level. Fun class with her BFFs. Ballet had trained Ms.LZ to be discipline & to care for perfections. It's a good work out too! She'll be famished after class & sleep early almost every Mondays!

Mental Arithmetics (Wednesdays 11.30 - 12.30pm)
First year in formal Math class.. Ms.LZ taught me how use the Abacus! and I'm enjoying her weekly homework helps me sharpen my brain. after yearsss in excessive usage of scientific calculators :-))

Swimming with SuperSharkz (Tuesdays 4.30 - 5.30pm)
She can swim after a few classes, aqua phobics no more.. and no longer relying on her arm bands whenever she swims in our pool. Kudos girl!

It went all well with Ms.LZ, but I'm sure her future younger siblings will have their own interest/choice. What ever it is, hope I'll be an understanding mom and a friend to my kids despite all the hopes and dreams I have for them..and thank you Allah for all Your rezeki..

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