Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will our child be FAT?

Some simple and potent changes we can make to keep our entire family at a healthy size:

  1. Watch what they drink - less, less, less sugary drinks.. less means just approx 10% intake daily
  2. Downsize your dishes - serve your child on a salad plate, fill one half with the entree such as rice, pasta or chicken and the other half with fruits/vege
  3. Introduce whole foods - "kids who grow up on high processed and fast food learn to expect things to taste very salty, sweet and fatty" ..uh oh! what have I done to my daughter.. and my body???!
  4. Get Moving - Give your child plenty of chances to burn off energy everyday, be it indoor or outdoor. So moms, (me?) limit your social networking time or online games, ait?
  5. Play Detective at Daycare - ask questions and observe their weekly menu. Most daycares or kindis have their pre-planned menu pasted somewhere at school
  6. Limit their Time with TV/XBox/Playstation - Unless you are a cartoon character, whatever in those machine are more interesting to be watched & heard all day.. Let's not create a couch potato!
  7. Eat Dinner Together, at Home - eating out like every other nite/day will not help much eventho u're doing it together. You can control the nutrition at home and the portion size too!
  8. Practice what you Preach - You have to practice the same too moms! 
Okay, Fat topic aside, let's predict our kids height.. How tall will they be when they are 18? Wanna try? It's fun! Click here: Child Height Predictor

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