Wednesday, March 23, 2011

of Cloud-9 Wafer and Corn-in-Cup..Owh Hormone!

I always buy Ms.LZ a corn-in-cup after her swimming class. It's her favorite, coz she would normally famished after 2 hours of water play, so this snack will at least fill a part of her lil tummy before we reach home.
But not today. I've packed some spaghetti from lunch, cooked too much i think it will last till breakfast tomorrow. (Mind you, according to my menu plan, it should be Chicken Pie.. well, i've changed today's menu since Ms.LZ felt like eating pasta (or me?) hahaha!)
Ok, serious.
So, Ms.LZ had agreed to have spaghetti and some Fruity Mentos, after her swimming class.
When her class ended, I let her play at the pool slides with some other kids while I chit-chatted with their moms. The moms were briefing me about their kids' school Sri Pintar, USJ - Smart Islamic School until around 7pm when all of us realized that it was late. After a quick shower, the two girls who played with Ms.LZ came to say goodbye while eating a pack of Cloud 9 wafer each.
Here goes the best part..
I saw Ms.LZ talking to them while looking at their Cloud 9 wafers and said, "Bye, see u soon! I'm gonna eat my spaghetti&mentos afterwards, right mommy?", but her eyes did not stop staring at the wafers, drooling!
I felt pity to my daughter and automatically i felt bad.. i didn't feel bad for packing her a home-cooked food or not buying her a corn-in-cup but, i suddenly felt a gush of sadness when i saw her gestures that translated: "i really want them chocolate. i'm famished. i feel like i've never tasted any chocolate wafers before".
and you know what? i cried.. right there, right in front of the kids! hahaha...
I suddenly hugged Ms.LZ and said, "it's ok, baby. u have your Mentos in the car, right? You can have as many as you want".
But, rezeki kanak-kanak.. Allah always granted a kid's wish.
And then came the moms of the girls. "Ms.LZ, come here have some chocolates. Would you like to have one? We have plenty.. blablabla"
I quickly turn away and wiped my tears.
Then i saw Ms.LZ looked at me as if saying,"Can i take it?".. and of course I said to her, " Take it baby.. and say thanks to aunty blablabla"..
On our way out of the complex, I heard the girls told their mom, "..blablabla Ms.LZ's mom cried blablabla"
Ms.LZ still asked for a corn-in-cup when we passed by the stall. Of course i said no. A deal is a deal!
In the car, i watched her ate the spaghetti, as if it was her best & the last spaghetti she could ever have. She ate 3/4 of the lunch box, then finished two packs of Cloud-9 wafers.
I don't know why, but I felt sad again.
And then... she said,"mummy, just now when we were walking to our car, i still can smell the corn-in-cup.. yummy! can u buy for me next week?"
Again.... I cried.
This girl really know how to drain all my tears of! I swore myself to buy that bloody frozen sweet corns and serve her everyday! well not in a white polystyrene cup but in any cups of her choice!
After dinner, I rewind the incident to Daddy J. I saw him wiping (sort of) the edge of his eyes, I swear I did! But then, he said "Hahaha takde apa2lahh..hormon je tu"
cehhh potong stim!

*** Lana Zahra, if you read this one day, this proves how much i love you and how much i always want the best for you.. hugzz***
Uh oh! I feel like crying... again

1 comments on "of Cloud-9 Wafer and Corn-in-Cup..Owh Hormone!"

Yani on March 23, 2011 at 12:24 PM said...

Totally understand how you must have felt! Especially when the things that they asked of are those that we have no problem in giving (Alhamdulillah). With that looks on their faces, the things that they say?? urgh... hormone or no hormone, i will cry if i were you!

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