Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan: Week 21 - 27 March

The first 3 months of my new 'career' was a disaster. I had bad morning sickness, it only fades on week 13 of my pregnancy. Imagine how bad my house was for that 3 months duration as i only 'live' in my cocoon (the master bedroom). There's a smell in the living room that makes me wanna puke, well i practically hate all kinds of smell, so i didn't use shower cream, i didn't dare to cross the hall & other rooms because of the air freshener smell.
Kitchen was the only place where I forced myself to enter to keep me alive.Truth is, I didn't cook at all.. Hubby will cook wheneveer  whenever he's around, and sometimes my brother who was on term break at that time did some simple cooking to feed us.
Life was still unorganized after the morning sickness subsides, in fact, i don't know where did my organizing skills went after i tendered my resignation. One day, i found my solution, not from a book, but from an Organizing Junkie, Laura. Oh my, how i wish i'm her! and now, i think i practically live by her 'book'..
So, taking one step at a time, i started using Laura's organizing tips. First organizing tool that i would love to share here is the Weekly Menu Plan.
I used to have weekly menu plan for dinner when i was working, but i hardly obey to it. Most of the time, i will depend on take out food. Cooking was a rocket science to me and i can only produce a meal after at least 1 1/2hr. But now, taking into account of the time that i have plus a hungry 5 & 35 y.o 'creature' at home, i force myself to obey on whatever plans & list that i have for the household. Alhamdulillah, i did it! It was not easy to start & to maintain, but it was worth an effort!

So, here goes this week's menu plan:
The good thing of having a weekly menu is u will only buy whatever needed  to be cooked for that week. Plus, you may skip and rearrange the menu should there be any last minute plan.

Every family will normally have one or two most busiest day of the week. Our Fright Night is on Tuesday where Ms.LZ has her swimming class at 5pm. We normally reach home at 7ish or 8pm. Therefore, I will usually choose the simplest & quickest meal to prepare and must be enough to cater for both lunch & dinner. The meal should only take not more than 40mins to prepare so that i can take an hour rest before heading back to school, fetching Ms.LZ.

So dear friends, should you have your own weekly/monthly meal plan, kindly share wit us by linking my blog from your post. We can share recipes and meal matching hence avoid cracking our heads of for future menus..


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